We strive to make disciples of Jesus through building relationships, living out the Gospel, teaching Biblical truth, and by providing a ministry of presence for students, grades 6-12.

Summer Staff

College-Aged Students Living Out the Gospel of the Kingdom Since 1971
Colonial Summer Staffers are college-aged students who are dedicated to the Kingdom of God and have a heart to serve within youth ministry. We hire between 15-20 people every year who minister in all four quadrants of our student-ministry dept (wornall middle and high, quivira middle and high) as well as our College ministry. They live together in the church, serve together in the ministry, and worship together in community. In the mornings they are ‘poured-into’ (through bible studies, seminars, spiritual disciplines, and devotionals) while in the afternoons they ‘pour-out’ (through incarnational ministry with teenagers).

Our Fearless Leaders

  • Adam Reck
    Adam Reck
    Director of Student Ministry - Central
Adam Reck
Director of Student Ministry - Central

Adam grew up going to church and thinking that was all that you needed to do as a follower of Christ. It wasn’t until he went to a church camp in high school that he became overwhelmed by the love and power of Christ and realized that God wants all of us, not just an hour or two a week. It was at that camp that Adam gave his life to the Lord and first heard the call to help other teens experience the love of Christ like he did.

Adam has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from William Jewell College and recently graduated from MAP Seminary with a Master’s of Applied Theology. He has worked in student ministries in various roles and in various areas since his freshman year in college, which has helped him master the art of the all-nighter–lots of caffiene and ice water!

Adam came to Colonial after a brief foray as a bank teller while living in Scottsdale, AZ and dating his soon-to-be wife. While back in KC for a former student’s wedding, he ran into an old friend who told him about a middle school position opening at Colonial. Adam quickly called his bride to be and asked if he could move her from the continually warm and dry climate of the desert to the always changing, sometimes cold, sometimes muggy climate of the Midwest. To his surprise, she said yes! That she agreed¬†will always be looked at by both of them as the work of the Lord.

Adam enjoys watching and playing sports of all kinds. He enjoys going to Chiefs and Royals games and always appreciates when people offer him free tickets…hint, hint. He also has a strange love for the Michigan Wolverines which keeps him out of the whole KU vs. KSU vs. MU controversy. Adam’s favorite way to spend a morning is outside on the porch with a cup of coffee and his Bible.

Favorite Fiction book: Ender’s Game
Favorite Non-fiction book: Moneyball and The Celtic Way of Evangelism
Favorite movie: Memento
Favorite Food: When you live in the mecca of smoked meats you have to say BBQ, right?
Favorite Muppet: Gonzo″

  • Laura Krohne
    Laura Krohne
    Girls Leader - Wornall
Laura Krohne
Girls Leader - Wornall


Growing up in Iowa, Laura had parents who deeply loved Jesus and served in different ministry capacities and modeled Christ for her day-in/day-out. She was a competitive swimmer through high school and an animal lover.

Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and organizational communication from William Jewell College. Before working at Colonial, she served as the Communication Coordinator and grant writer for a homeless shelter. At Colonial, Laura works alongside Lewis Jones in ministering to the middle school girls in the youth ministry. Seeing students from different backgrounds come together to exalt Jesus in the midst of all circumstances is her motivation to plan messy games, mission trips, serve nights and weekly Bible studies.

Laura is thankful to be married to her husband Matthew; together they are raising their first child (a son named Briggs) and their hyper-active Goldendoodle, Berkeley. She loves being out in nature, traveling and running.

favorite author: Michael Connelly
favorite food: chicken enchiladas
favorite place: Florida Everglades

  • Molly Pitkin
    Molly Pitkin
    High School Leader - Quivira
Molly Pitkin
High School Leader - Quivira

Molly was a curious, energetic, and loving child, always using her imagination. She grew up with an insatiable desire to nurture and care for others. Summers spent at Portage Lake Bible camp were also formative in heightening her awareness of God’s calling for her in everyday life.

Molly earned a degree in Christian Education and Ministry from Wheaton College. She also spent six months in Kitwe, Zambia working with a non-profit creating and implementing a teacher training curriculum using Jesus as the model teacher. The Pitkins came to Colonial when Molly was still in middle school. She found a home within the youth ministry and prayer team. As Quivira’s high school youth leader, Molly loves creating spaces where students can encounter God through teaching and community.

Exploring nature through biking and hiking is one of Molly’s favorite things. She also delights in capturing meaningful moments through photography and art projects. Molly loves finding reasons to celebrate even the littlest things in life.

Favorite Movie — Father of the Bride
Favorite Food — Chips, Guacamole, and Taquitos
Favorite Color — Purple
Favorite Baby Animal — Penguin
Favorite Smell — Spring Flowers

  • Becca Gallion
    Becca Gallion
    Middle School Leader - Quivira
Becca Gallion
Middle School Leader - Quivira

Becca grew up going to Colonial and was nicknamed the ‘I don’t know girl’ for her go with the flow (people pleasing) personality. Her dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and Broadway star were ruined upon entering middle school when she found herself as a small fish in a huge ocean of talent.

Becca majored in Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University (GO CATS!) Becca was a leader for YoungLife’s middle school ministry, WyldLife, while in college and it was there that she fell in love with students going through the awkward transition years of middle school. Becca was on Summer Staff for two summers during college. They loved her so much they brought her on full time after she graduated!

Becca has an obsession with coffee and ice cream (but not coffee flavored ice cream). Becca and her husband Matt have a wild frisbee playing border collie named Wally and are expecting their first child in October 2015.

  • Luke Johnston
    Luke Johnston
    High School Leader - Quivira
Luke Johnston
High School Leader - Quivira

Luke grew up in the small town of Paola, Kansas as a double Pastors’ kid. He remembers being chased around coffee tables every other night during Bible studies and prayer meetings, and luckily made it out alive with a faith of his own!

Luke graduated from Mid-America Nazarene University with a Business Degree and has extensive experience in music production and administration. He runs his own media company called, “Sleeping Bear Media” when he’s not working with youth.

Luke grew up in the Presbyterian Church and more recently the EPC. In 2010 his band “Don’t Know Dorothy” led Sundays at Six. Since then Luke has had a growing relationship with Colonial.

Luke loves music, film, poetry, good food, and frisbee. When Luke was 17 he had a Youtube channel with over 5 million hits.

Favorite Book: A Long Obedience In The Same Direction – Eugene H. Peterson

Favorite Movie: Signs

Favorite Food: Sushi