Summer Staff

Summer Staff has existed as a place for college students to live out the gospel of the Kingdom since 1971. Colonial Summer Staffers are college-aged students who are dedicated to the Kingdom of God and have a heart to serve within student ministry. We hire between 15-20 people each year who minister in all four quadrants of our student ministry department (middle and high school at both of our campuses) as well as our college ministry. We are looking for college students who are pumped about serving in student ministry, being poured into daily, and living in biblical community together. In the mornings Staffers are ‘poured into’ through bible studies, seminars, spiritual disciplines, and personal devotion time, while in the afternoons they ‘pour-out’ through relational ministry with teenagers.  If you are interested in serving on summer staff and becoming a part of this legacy, please fill out the application by clicking the link below.

A day in the life of a 2021 Summer Staffer

  • “My most memorable contact work experiences are always the ones where I meet students where they’re at like going disc golfing with E, eating Chicken with K, hammocking and reading the Bible with R and getting a dancing lesson from A because those things are so special to them and they get to share them with me!” ~Emily, SS 2019 & 2020
  • “After Lord of the Rings one night, S and I beat each other up with pool noodles.” ~Alan, SS 2019 & 2020
  • “Going to messenger with my students and walking around downtown KC.” ~Mattea, SS 2020
  • “A picnic where we just ate junk food and played card games” ~ Bailey, SS 2020
  • “Lake day was soooooo fun and the students really had a blast just being outside with each other. Also coffee with a student and then sitting at the heritage park dock for hours just talking.” ~SS 2020
  • Going into a students friends backyard and watching him mow the lawn. ~Robert, SS 2019 & 2020

History of Summer Staff at Colonial

The impact Colonial’s Summer Staff program has had in the area is both humbling and incredible. The legacy of this remarkable ministry can be traced back to two significant and godly men: Richard Beach and Bob Lehleitner. The late Richard Beach, who was Colonials first youth pastor in 1969, was a gifted man who had a passion for leading people to the feet of Jesus. In 1971, summer staff was born out of a simple desire to live out the book of Acts in twentieth-century-America.


A group of college students would live together, grow together and serve missionally together within the youth ministry department. The first summer there were six guys on staff, but this number grew exponentially until there were more than thirty college students who would participate at one time during subsequent years. Presently, we hire between fifteen and twenty students every summer. Pastor Bob Lehleitner estimates that well over three hundred full-time pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders have been sent out by Colonial’s summer staff program (including many leading evangelical churches in the Kansas City area). Additionally, numerous college ministries in local universities were started, most notably, perhaps, was a ministry labeled as “Ichthus.” In the seventies, Ichthus began at the University of Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas State University. Similar ministries were started at Central Missouri State, Baker University, Benedictine University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and others.

Here’s what past summer staff had to say about their experience…


“I have truly felt the depth and power of Christ’s love for me during the course of the summer, thus I feel like I have a better idea of how to love others like Christ…’


“This summer has made me see what I want my life to look like. I feel as though I am walking away with a passion to spread the love of Jesus…”


“This summer has definitely strengthened and reshaped my relationship with the Lord and has equipped me to do better ministry…”


“It greatly reinforced my desire to live in community. It taught me that, when it comes to ministry, I am completely clueless; but Christ works regardless of my weakness. And it reinforced my desire to pursue ministry as a lifestyle. “


“This summer has been a continuation of the work that God has done in my life in the past year. It has strengthened my testimony and made me confident in sharing my faith.”


“I believe the Lord really used this summer to remind me how much he loves me and helped me see more the perspective that being on the mountain is great but in order to grow and further God’s kingdom we have to go back down into the valley…I think my interactions and conversations will be much more intentional and God centered.”


“These past two summers have been the most fruitful and adventurous seasons of my life…”


“It has convicted me to be better than I was and has given me confidence to do the Lord’s will on my campus.”


“It has changed my perspective on how to disciple and ministry in my day to day life as a college student. It showed me that it is my calling as a Christian to disciple seriously…”


“This is a life changing experience. Staff stretches you and challenges you to rest your life as the feet of Jesus no matter what you’re doing. I think God uses Summer Staff to do revolutionary things in everyone’s life.”


“Summer Staff has compelled me to bring a ministry based heart to all areas of life.”