Frequently Asked Finance Questions

Does Colonial have a budget and where is the money spent?

The Finance Committee prepares a budget to guide the operations of the church each year. The budget is presented to and approved by the church membership Click HERE to see the current year budget presentation.

What is pledging, why does Colonial encourage it and how do I create a pledge?

We believe that making an intentional, purposeful financial commitment is an important part of discipleship. We encourage our members to see this as a response to God’s blessing, reflecting trust in God’s future provision. In the Fall of each year, your Stewardship Committee will ask members to make commitments for their giving to the Ministry Operations Fund in the upcoming calendar year. You can monitor progress through your Colonial Community Builder account HERE, or through periodic mailed statements. And if unforeseen circumstances arise you can adjust your pledge at any time. Make a pledge HERE.

Does Colonial have a separate budget for capital expansion and repairs?

Yes. Colonial asks our members to support our ministry with funds for capital expansion and major capital repairs outside of the annual Operating Budget. The Freedom Campaign was launched in February 2017 and is accumulating funds for construction of a new student center and additional parking at Overland Park and for major capital improvements and repairs at South KC. Click HERE for more information.

How can I give to the Missions work that Colonial supports?

Colonial believes in a unified budget and includes in our Ministry Operations budget the funds required to support  numerous missionaries and ministries outside the walls of the church. The first 12% of each week’s offering is set aside and dedicated to this purpose. So the best way to support the Missions work of Colonial is with regular contributions to the Ministry Operating Fund.

Who oversees the finances at the church and what if I have a question?

Ultimately the elected Elders of your Session and the Finance Elder are accountable for how church funds are spent. They approve the annual budget and review the financial results each month and review the report of an independent CPA who audits the books of the church each year. In addition, there is a Finance Committee, appointed by Session to help guide financial decisions. On staff, the Executive Director of Finance & Administration, will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

What’s the best way for me to contribute to Colonial?

The best giving method is the one that works for you. The traditional Sunday offering plate is just one. Giving envelopes are not required but available and any giving not otherwise designated will be credited to your pledge to the Ministry Operations Fund. Colonial members give weekly, monthly or quarterly. You’re just encouraged to make it part of personal financial routine rather than a special occasion.

You may find it most convenient to establish recurring gifts to be automatically drafted against your bank account. Some have indicated that this is a great way to ensure that their giving comes from their “first fruits”. You create the schedule, but when the funds are routinely withdrawn, you are clearly “giving your best, and living off the rest”. Click HERE to set up a recurring contribution.

Contributions are also accepted through Colonial’s Mobile App. If you don’t have this app, check it out HERE.  It’s a great way to always have information about your church and fellow members, right at your fingertips.

Can the church accept stocks or mutual funds as contributions?

Yes, transferring appreciated investments can provide some tax advantages and the contribution can be applied to your pledge or to a designation of your choice. Colonial partners with the National Christian Foundation to process these gifts. 100% of the proceeds come to Colonial. Click Here for more information. Click here for the form to provide your broker to initiate the stock/mutual fund donation process. Questions? Contact our Contributions Coordinator.

I've heard about a Charitable Gift Annuity that provides current income and a deduction to the donor, but also can benefit Colonial. Where can I get more information?

Colonial partners with the EPC Foundation to offer a Charitable Gift Annuity that has those benefits. You can get more information HERE or by contacting Bob Welsh at the EPC Foundation, 509.679.3951.