SKC Terrific Tuesdays
Every week on Tuesday until Aug 3, 2021 from 10:00a to 11:30p
Organizer: Cailin Renwick

Attention 2021/2022 1st thru 5th Graders! Join us for Colonial Kids Summer Fun in the SON with Terrific Tuesday's from 10:00-11:30! Our beloved Colonial Kids Staffers will lead a crew of deep sea explorers from the Sea Exploration Agency are on a mission to explore the deepest depths of the ocean, in search of knowledge about its Creator — and you’re invited too, as a SEA agent in training! As our crew travels deeper and deeper below the surface, experience the wonders of creation, face a few challenges, and discover that knowing our Creator doesn’t require a special badge or a submarine. Our faith grows deeper when we spend time with God, spend time with others, use our gifts to serve, and share our stories of faith.

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July 13th – Water Day:

Our mission begins as our SEA agents discover that we need each other on our journeys of following God.

  • BIG IDEA: People can help my faith grow deeper.
  • BIBLE: Exodus — God parts the Red Sea and Moses leads God’s people out of Egypt.

July 20 – Gardening Day:

There’s trouble ahead! Our SEA agents must work together as they discover that God created and gifted all us uniquely.

  • BIG IDEA: My faith grows deeper when I use my gifts.
  • BIBLE: Luke and John — at the Sea of Galilee, a little boy shares his lunch and Jesus uses it to feed a crowd of 5,000 people.

July 27 – Game Day:

As our mission reaches even greater depths, our SEA agents make a big discovery about the God who made them.

  • BIG IDEA: My faith grows deeper when I spend time with God.
  • BIBLE: Genesis and the Gospels — Jesus makes a way for us to be close to God, both now and forever.

August 3 - Movie Day:

Our mission ends, but it’s not complete! Finally back on shore, our SEA agents must share what they’ve discovered with others.

  • BIG IDEA: My faith grows deeper when I share my story.
  • BIBLE: Jonah — Jonah is sent to Ninevah to tell others about God, and a whole city is saved!