For Those Who are Stuck, Feel Discouraged, or Simply Want More

We all have gaps! We get frustrated when our life doesn’t match what we’re reading in the Bible.
We feel discouraged when our relationship with God is less intimate or dynamic than we know it could be.
God longs to close the gap between where we are and the life He desires for us.

We can offer support to help with:

Unhealthy guilt and shame, intimacy with God, healing from past trauma and wounds,

developing healthier relationships, discovering a new identity in Christ, and living fully with purpose and joy.


We use curriculum from leading authors, ministries, and experts in their field. We offer a variety of groups ranging from small, single-gender, to larger, classroom-style, mixed-gender. Groups typically open every trimester.


For open and upcoming groups: Check our Colonial Groups page and scroll to the bottom section for the Hope & Healing Groups. Contact Kim Jones, 816.501.3045.



Soul Healing Prayer & Weekends

Receive healing from past hurts and freedom from present struggles as you experience the healing presence of Jesus. Jesus exposes root causes such as lies we believe, vows we have made, demonic influences, or our unforgiving attitudes toward others.


Individual Prayer Sessions: These sessions take place at Colonial Presbyterian. They are free and completely confidential.


Weekends: Include engaging worship, Biblical teaching and times for Soul Healing prayer. Though each weekend is unique with a variety of speakers and topics, we trust that every time you come, you will hear teaching and encounter Jesus in ways that bring healing, restoration, and wholeness.


Click here to make a prayer appointment or for information on Soul Healing weekends.



Seminars & Conferences

We provide and host various seminars and conferences featuring local and international speakers. These events will often be helpful to those who lead others, as well as to those who are seeking education and healing for themselves.