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What if we knew the needs of at-risk children? What if the State took these needs to a community of caring churches? CarePortal, part of the Global Orphan Project, makes local Churches aware of the needs of hurting children and families in your community, giving them a timely, non-threatening invitation and opportunity to respond.

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Foster Adopt Parents’ Respite Night

Adopting or being a foster parent can be beautiful and rewarding—it can also be very demanding! Sometimes we just need a well-deserved break. That’s why the Foster Adopt Ministry at Colonial Presbyterian Church hosts a Respite Night for foster and adoptive families. Check out our featured events page and subscribe to our weekly email updates to find out details about upcoming Respite Nights.

For more information, contact Hannah Mabie at

Become a mentor! Mentor a child in the foster care system. Provide an encouraging friendship and enrich a child’s life by participating in activities with them. Or mentor a child who has aged out of the foster care system. These young adults need friendly role models and a chance to observe and be a part of a family. Email Hannah Mabie for details.

WRAP Groups

Not all of us are called to directly be a foster or adoptive parent, but we are called to support those who are. There are many opportunities to extend our love to these families through a WRAP Group.

What is a WRAP Group?

W – Words of Encouragement – Scripture, writing letters, mentoring, touching base

R – Respite Care – Certificated in TIPS-MAPP for overnight care or in-home babysitting

A – Acts of Service – Meals, cleaning, transportation, journey bags (small backpack to let kids know that they are loved and remembered)

P – Prayer – Daily commitment to praying for the children & families.

Email HERE to learn more about becoming a WRAP Group.

Want to learn more about ways to support Foster Adopt?

Email Colonial’s Foster Adopt Coordinator, Hannah Mabie, HERE