Missouri Foster Adopt Care Training

As the needs of children in foster care and adoptive placement continually grow more challenging, persons wishing to become adoptive or foster parents need a complete understanding of their roles along with the rights and obligations that accompany the delivery of foster care services. For foster parents this partnership requires fulfilling tasks as diverse as helping a child go home or becoming that child’s adoptive parent.

Both Kansas and Missouri licensure requires:

  1. Background and financial checks on every adult living in your home.
  2. Your home to meet minimum size and safety considerations.
  3. A home study that includes extensive information about your family.

STARS/Spaulding Adopt Curriculum

All prospective foster parents in Missouri must complete STARS before a child can be placed within their home. STARS/Spaulding Adopt Curriculum (frequently called “pre-service” training) Stands for Specialized Training, Assessment, Resources, Support and Skills) Pre-Service Training sessions. Please contact Colonial’s Foster-Adopt Coordinator, Hannah Mabie, to set up training.

  1. Foster/adopt parents must successfully complete 27 hours of training. There are nine STARS sessions, each of which is three hours in length. More than one session can occur a day, however, the nine sessions are to be taught over a minimum of three (3) dates.
  2. Ten hours of assessment interwoven with the training (2-3 home consultations).
  3. Foster and kinship care providers wanting to adopt must take an additional 12 hours of STARS, Making the Commitment to Adoption (Spaulding) Pre-service training.
  4. All STARS and Spaulding sessions are co-taught by a professional staff member of the agency/contracted provider and an experienced, currently licensed, professional foster/adoptive parent.
  5. All classes must be attended before a license can be considered, but make up classes are allowed.

How to Prepare for Foster Home Licensing

Requirements for all homes:

  • Health Assessments for all individuals living in the home
  • Immunizations for all children under the age of 18
  • Health Assessments for all individuals living in the home
  • Immunizations for all children under the age of 18
  • TIPS-MAPP or DT Training Certificates, First-Aid Certificate, Universal Precautions and Medication Administration Training Certificates, and CPR if available
  • Copy of valid Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle Insurance
  • First-Aid Kits (gloves, cleansing agent, scissors, bandages, tape, ace bandage, and gauze)
  • Copy of Proof of Income (check stub or W-2s)
  • Fingerprinting
  • Floor Plan
  • Display Evacuation Plan (Fire and Tornado), Emergency #s. Plan for serious injuries
  • Forms – Emergency Drills, Medication Logs, Self-Care Plan, Critical Incidents
  • Foster Parent needs to be at least 5 years older than the oldest child placed in the home
  • Safety Plan for outdoor area, chimney, or basement (if necessary)
  • Proof of Rabies Vaccination for each domestic Cat or Dog
  • Documentation on Extended Family Members for Informal Visitations (name(s), address, relationship, background checks, driver’s license, confidentiality policy, discipline policy, KDHE regulations, emergency contacts/crisis plan, approval by KVC, and dates)
  • Child Safety Seats (Infant Carriers – up to 20 lbs., Five Point Harnesses – up to age 4, Booster Seat – up to age 8 or 80 lbs.)

Want to learn more about Missouri Foster Adopt?

Email Colonial’s Foster Adopt Coordinator, Hannah Mabie, HERE