Foster Family Resources

Foster Care Required Training

TIPS-MAPP or Deciding Together in Kansas or STARS in Missouri are structured decision making processes for both yourself and the State to make decisions about ability, willingness and readiness to participate in the foster care and adoptive program. The many hours of structured activities, readings, and experiences will give you plenty of opportunity to seek God’s will for your family. They are also required basic trainings to be a licensed foster, adopt or respite home. Learn more below:

Support for Foster Parents

This group provides support, training, and fellowship for those walking the same journey. Open to all families, so please share with others outside of Colonial. Each group meets during the evening, on a monthly basis. For more information contact Hannah Mabie, Foster Adopt Ministry Coordinator by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a child in need of foster care?
  • Abuse or neglect by the person caring for the child
  • Out of control child
  • Abandonment
  • The child runs away or is chronically absent from the home
  • Numerous absences or tardiness
  • Child violates a criminal law serious in nature
  • A guardian is no longer willing or able to serve
  • The child’s sibling in home has been abused or neglected
What are the different types of placement? (All require foster care license)
  • Short term – Involves looking after children for a few weeks or months until difficulties at home are resolved or alternative plans are made for their future.
  • Long term – Involves caring for children for a year or more and possibly until they reach adulthood and are ready to live independently.
  • Respite – Usually involves children living with their own family or foster caregivers, but having short stays with another foster family, to give their family/main caregivers a break.
  • Emergency – Involves caring for children who need somewhere safe to stay immediately, usually for a few nights.
  • Foster care with the intention of Adopting
Steps to Become a Foster Care Family
  • Deciding to Pursue Foster Care – Deciding to pursue becoming a foster parent is the first step and where you will contact a local agency (see state resources section for a list).
  • Apply to Foster – Complete required training and your application to foster (training options below).
  • Complete a home study – Where your caseworker meets with you in your home to determine if you’re ready to become a foster parent.
  • Get approved – Background checks are done and your home study is completed.
  • Receiving a Foster Placement – A child or sibling group is temporarily placed with you.

Want to learn more about Foster Adopt?

Email Colonial’s Foster Adopt Coordinator, Hannah Mabie, HERE