Connect with the Bible

learn about God's promises

Digging deeper into the Bible can seem a bit intimidating. With 66 books, thousands of verses, multiple versions and an endless supply of study resources, it is difficult to know where to start. If you don’t have a Bible, please stop by on Sunday and we will give you a free ESV Study Bible. It’s our gift to you. The Word of God and the good news of Jesus Christ¬†proclaimed is central to who we are at Colonial.

Here are some tips for getting started:

1. Ask for Help. Before you start reading take a moment to seek God’s guidance . Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your understanding of what you read and how it might transform your life.


2. Stick with it. At first it may seem unfamiliar, but the more you read the more connected it becomes. The videos below may help set the stage.


3. Write down your thoughts and questions. There may be some things you want to study further or that may turn out to connect to what you read later. This is also an opportunity to connect with others as you discuss your questions.


4. Live it out. As you read, let the Word come alive in you as you apply God’s teachings to your life and attitudes.

A Year in the Bible

In 2009 our pastors led us through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. If you would like to follow a year long reading play there are many guides to follow. We used the Daily Walk Bible, which is organized according to the calendar starting in January, but you can start at any point. There are hundreds of resources out there, from simple charts to mobile apps. Bible Gateway is a good online Bible resource as well as YouVersion.


Below is our video playlist from Colonial’s Year in the Bible in 2009.