Worship Studio

Explore and discover your musical gifts with Colonial’s Middle & High School, Worship Studio!

Our group classes* start in September and continue through May from 12:35-2:00 PM at the South KC Campus. A pizza and pop lunch at 12:10 PM will also be available for those who are interested**.  Check out what’s available and fill out the registration form below to reserve your spot!


New! – the Worship Studio Singers

Learn the basics of good vocal technique, sight reading music and singing harmony! Each student will perform as a soloist or with a small group at our fall BandSlam concert as well as have the opportunity to sing with the adult praise team on a Sunday morning.


All instruction is offered free of charge with the hope that students will continue to grow in their gifts and serve God’s church with the skills they acquire.  Every student will have the chance to perform in their own class band at our seasonal BandSlam concert.


*If you are at another playing level, our instructors are also available for private lessons. Please contact them for fee information and available times.


**A  $30 fee will be collected to cover cost of pizza and pop for the season.






12:10-12:30 PM Lunch**


12:35-1:00 PM

Beginning  I Drums –  instructor, TBA

Beginning I Bass – Baird Williams, instructor

Beginning I  Acoustic Guitar– Michael English, instructor

Beginning I Keyboard – Greg Bridges, instructor

Sound Engineering I – Glenn Shipps, instructor

The Worship Studio Singers (new! See info below) – Jeff Martin, instructor


1:05-1:30 PM

Beginning II Drums – instructor, TBA

Beginning II Bass – Baird Williams, instructor

Beginning II  Acoustic Guitar– Jeff Martin, instructor

Beginning II Keyboard – Greg Bridges, instructor

Sound Engineering II – Glenn Shipps, instructor

Intermediate jam session – Michael English, instructor


1:35-2:00 PM

Intermediate  Drums – instructor, TBA

Intermediate  Bass – Baird Williams, instructor

Intermediate  Electric Guitar – Michael English, instructor

Intermediate  Acoustic Guitar – Jeff Martin, instructor

Intermediate  Keyboard – Greg Bridges, instructor