Wornall Campus Worship & Arts

For those of you who have a creative edge, this may be the ministry for you.
Our passion is serving God by using the creative arts in innovative ways that draw attention to our Savior.
We offer a variety of opportunities to share your abilities.

Celebration Choir

Meets once a month; September–November and January–April.The worship choir for our 10:45 AM service. Along with worship, the Celebration Choir  prepares and presents special music and larger seasonal projects for Christmas and Easter.

New Kingdom Singers

Meeting times: Tuesdays, 6:00–7:00 PM in the Wornall Campus Terrace Room.

For Grades 1-5. Teaching kids through music and the arts! Our kids worship choir leads worship every other month and presents a special spring musical for family, friends and the community.

Production Teams

Our volunteer production teams for high school through adult offers the opportunity to be trained and to serve in a number of technical and production related areas—sound, lights, media, etc. Experience is always helpful, but not at all necessary. Willing hands and a servant’s heart are the only tools needed!

Psalm 150 Instrumentalists

Meeting times:  Once-a-month: September–November and January–April

Our premiere roster of Colonial instrumentalists for high school through adult, is used to support our Sunday morning worship band, our orchestra, and other special services throughout the year.

Walk to the Manger

Each year at Colonial we tell the Christmas story through powerful music and drama on what we call “Walk to the Manger Sunday.”  We offer many opportunities to serve with this event. Volunteer recruitment typically begins toward the end of October and Walk to the Manger Sunday happens in December.

Worship Studio

Students, come explore and develop your musical gifts with classes in acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, sound engineering and voice. Instrumentalists meet on Sundays, 12:30–2:00 PM. Vocal Teams meets Wednesdays, 6:00–6:45 PM in the Sanctuary.

Worship Team

Wednesdays, 6:45–7:45 PM

For Middle School–Adult, meets Wednesdays, 6:45–8:00 PM. Our select group of singers and instrumentalists lead Sunday morning worship 2–3 times a month. Music interview is required.

To get involved in any of the groups listed above, click the interest form or contact a member of the Worship & Arts team.

Wornall Campus Worship & Arts Staff

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin
    Director of Worship & Arts - Wornall
Jeff Martin
Director of Worship & Arts - Wornall

Jeff was born and raised in Shawnee, KS with a banjo in one hand and an opera score in the other. His extreme eclectic tastes in music led him straight down the path of performance throughout his teenage years.

Jeff did his undergraduate studies in choral music and vocal performance at Kansas University and the UMKC Conservatory. He received his degree in Music Education from the Conservatory in 1987. Jeff has also been involved in the local KC music and theatre scene as a performer, arranger and music director for the last 25 years working in venues such as the KC Lyric Opera, Quality Hill Playhouse, Theatre in the Park and the New Theatre Restaurant.

Jeff began his ministry at Colonial in 1990 under former head Pastor Ted Nissen, and attributes his heart for ministry to Ted’s guidance and leadership. Jeff serves as the Director of Worship and Arts at the Wornall Campus, where he leads worship and oversees music and arts programming for all ages and abilities.

Jeff is the lucky 24-year husband of his wife Lee Ann as well as the proud-but-weary father of his three boys Chad, Casey and Connor. Jeff says, “Thanks for always being there, gang!”

  • Glenn Shipps
    Glenn Shipps
    Worship & Arts Technical Coordinator - Wornall
Glenn Shipps
Worship & Arts Technical Coordinator - Wornall

Glenn (Glennbob) is working at Colonial on the side, while he pursues his true passion of collecting the little plastic things at the end of shoelaces. With a degree in Audio Engineering for Recording and two decades in professional and volunteer roles as a musician, producer and engineer, Glenn has been humbled to serve and flourish in the places God has provided, including Fairlawn Nazarene (10 years), Faith Journey Nazarene (2 years), and now home at the Wornall Campus.

Glenn was a fairly content stay-at-home dad when Colonial came a knocking. The job was a total surprise and has been a great fit, offering the challenge of large live production every week and in a refreshing variety of forms, from classical orchestra to rock ‘n roll to bluegrass.

As a child, Glenn was known to dress up in incredibly accurate superhero costumes and run around the church as fighting crime. He enjoys a conglomeration of sugar-foo-foo coffee drinks and yodeling and will play music any chance he gets. He also enjoys critical thought and meaningful conversation.

Favorite movie: “The Three Amigos”
Favorite song: “River of Dreams”
Favorite phrase: “realm of tolerance”

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