Professional Counselor & Specialty Clinic Referral List

For Assistance
If you would like assistance in choosing a therapist, please contact a Colonial Assessor. Assessors are credentialed therapists and members of Colonial. The charge to you is $10 for a one-hour assessment. To contact an Assessor:
Bonnie Whalen, M.S., Licensed Professional Counselor: 816.820.6133 – to meet at the Wornall Campus
Mack Harnden, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist: 913.608.2441 – to meet at the Quivira Campus

For Further Details
Please review the counselor/clinic’s website for further details such as services provided, insurance, and hours. You may want to check your coverage with your insurance provider prior to contacting a counselor so you know what questions you need to ask.

Professional Counselors

Adults, 18 & Older

Alex Ehrsam, LCMFT 

Counseling interests: specialize in working with couples and with men around relationships,  family, work, anger, and life’s transitions. Men & women: unworthiness, shame, addictions, co-dependency, and enabling behavior; anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and intimacy challenges.


Barry McAnulty, MSW, LSCSW, LCSW 
Counseling interests: depression, ADHD, anxiety, phobias, OCD, anger/stress, sexuality issues, marital/couple/relationship therapy, substance abuse, co-dependency, grief, divorce recovery, parenting, psycho-education, Life Consultant.
Contact: 816.554.0912,


Monty W. Miller, LSCSW, Certified Life Coach
Counseling interests: families and couples, addictions, depression, anxiety, grief, career development, Life Coaching, weight loss, health goals, identity in Christ.


Rebecca Flurer, LCPC, SATP-C 
Counseling Interests: relationship issues, intimacy issues, sexual addiction, anxiety, boundary issues, emotional regulation, career counseling, work/life balance, parenting, food addiction/disordered eating, group counseling, spiritual growth.


Elizabeth Dent George, LCPC 
Counseling interests: adults in an individual or couples setting, identity issues, sexual identity issues, spiritual formation and growth, depression, trauma, relationship issues, women’s issues, life transitions.

Lindsey Layzell, LCMFT

Counseling Interests: working with women regarding: anxiety, depression, boundary setting, life transitions, motherhood challenges, grief and loss, spiritual growth and formation, managing anger, relational challenges, healing from past sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse.


Bonnie Pennington, MS, LPC, BCPCC, NCC, BCCLC
Counseling Interests:  individual, pre-marital/marital counseling, Life Coaching, depression, anxiety, relational, emotional, and spiritual issues, identity formation, women’s issues, disordered eating, work issues, life balance, codependency, boundaries.


Diane Sinclair Smith MA, LCMFT 
Counseling interests: pre-marital, marital, and relationship therapy, affair recovery, divorce recovery, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorder recovery, men’s and women’s issues, inner healing of past trauma.


Brenda Walden, MS, LCMFT
Counseling interests: individuals, couples and families. Specific areas of emphasis:  identity formation, relationship issues, depression/anxiety, trauma, adjustment and life transitions.


Adults, 18 & Older

Karen Rash, MA, LCPC

Counseling interests: support for individuals or families anticipating or presently experiencing the death of a loved one.

Chris Brotherton, MSFT, LCMFT

Counseling Interests: support for foster/adopt families.
Contact: 913.956.0131;

Adolescents & Teens

Ages 12-17

Barry McAnulty, MSW, LSCSW, LCSW 
Counseling interests: girls and boys (anxiety/depression, anger/stress, sexual orientation conflict, ADHD, OCD, phobias, Tourettes, disruptive behaviors, high-functioning Spectrum Disorders (PDD; Asperger’s Syndrome; high-functional autism), eating disorders, self-esteem, self-harm, grief, post-divorce, peer conflicts, social skills, family/parental conflict)


Lindsey Layzell, LCMFT
Counseling Interests: girls (anxiety, depression, life transitions, spiritual formation)
Rebecca Flurer, LCPC, SATP-C 
Counseling Interests: girls and boys 14 and older (parent/child relationship, anxiety, identity and value formation).


Diane Sinclair Smith MA, LCMFT, EAGALA Certified
Counseling Interests: girls and boys 14 and older (parent/child relationships, family therapy, identity formation and life transitions with motivated teens.)


Ages 3-11

Danna Dahl, LCMFT, LCPC
Counseling interests: girls and boys 3 and older
Barry McAnulty, MSW, LSCSW, LCSW 
Counseling interests: girls and boys 5 and older

Specialty Licensed Clinics/Treatment Centers

Eating Disorders:  Renew Intensive Outpatient Program



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